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Industry 4.0

Manufacturing + Fintech

We've seen the problem and we found a solution. We are a financial technology platform helping manufacturing business across the country break into aerospace and defense.

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AI Assisted

Smarter then ever before

From basic contract matching, risk and quality assessment and reliability diagnostics, to your core processes: utilize our AI sourcing engine to grow beyond the limitations of human reliability.

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Pioneering technology

True Innovation

There's the easy way of doing something and then there's the right way. If we have to reinvent the wheel, then let's do it with the latest tools and technology available.

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Early Adopters — Get the Cool Stuff First

But they also get the ability to define and build a platform that will change the way manufacturing sources and procures business for the 21st century.

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Institutional Investors

Looking for ways to grow your portfolio that extend beyond traditional stocks and bonds? Contact us to find out how our roadmap will help you grow your portfolio.

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Meet the Makers

The 1SRC Team

Adam Reusché
Co-founder & CEO
Phil Pancoska
Co-founder & CBO
Chris Nottrodt