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From 20th century business standards to Industry 4.0

We are a team of passionate creators with backgrounds in manufacturing, quality assurance, and enterprise information technology. Our goal is helping traditional manufacturing outfits become rapidly certified and accredited for the needs of the United State aerospace, defense, and medical device industries.

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1SRC began on a fateful spring evening. While our team was sharing some BBQ, the subject of dinner undoubtedly turned towards work, and a problem became readily apparent. American industry has become so driven on the basis of high quality that new entrants to the field have a considerable uphill battle aligning their quality and industrial processes in a way that matches with the industry. By combining our expertise in quality assurance, engineering, and information technology, 1SRC has created a unique and affordable way for manufacturers to diversify into different industrial segments like aerospace, defense, and medicine.
By combining AS9100:D, ISO9001:2015, Nadcap systems, and finally DFARS compliance through our own IT managed services department, we can help even the smallest manufacturer become compliant with even the most strenuous process requirements.
Phil Pancoska
Machinist, QA Engineer, &
1SRC Co-Founder
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Adam Reusché
Phil Pancoska
Cairn Atkinson
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