5 Reasons to Domesticate Your Supply Chain in America

Adam Reusche

We live in interesting times. The past five years have shaken the confidence of the globalized manufacturing industry. Between trade wars, intellectual property theft, viral pandemics, and boisterous nationalism at home and abroad, this has put business owners and entrepreneurs in a bind. 

Just-in-Time manufacturing operations have been impacted the hardest. With the continued trade war, rising costs, and now a worldwide viral pandemic shutting down countries , here are 5 reasons that business owners and entrepreneurs should look seriously at domesticating their supply chain operations back to America. 

  1. Cheaper Shipping: With domestic production, you get the added benefit of quicker and cheaper delivery and reduced damage losses that can occur during transatlantic shipping. You can also be proud of the fact that you are shipping across shorter distances, reducing your greenhouse gas emission using energy efficient locomotives versus heavily polluting cargo ships. 
  1. Intellectual Property Security: When you create something in America, you have the right to secure your designs,protect your inventions, and profit from them. Take for example the infamous story of Samsung and their folding LCD screen technology. They’ve been researching this technology for almost a decade. Just before their sweet pay off for all of those investment dollars spent, their Chinese supplier leaked the LCD specifications. Now Samsung has to contend with a bunch of “me-toos” taking the steam out of their new technology. While such theft can certainly happen in America, there are reliable legal mechanisms that would halt sales of such fraudulently sold technology. 
  1. Waste Not, Want Not: Make no mistake, human hands are certainly the easiest to train, but can be incredibly unreliable when it comes to reproducibility. With 1SRC’s certification checks, you can be rest assured that your preferred supplier is maintaining the highest quality of production. 
  1. Automation: Many hands make light work, except those hands can be mightily unreliable and worse yet expensive. When using 1SRC’s domestic manufacturing platform, you can be confident knowing that your selected supplier is using the highest quality equipment with the most reliable reproducibility. 
  1. American Way of Living: This isn’t a joke. Americans by and large, live in pockets of community and are well insulated from one another. Outside of major metropolitan areas where the majority of manufacturing gets done, Americans drive their automobiles to and from each mini community that is typically centered around work. When the coronavirus gets a foothold in the United States, its impact will be largely muted within the manufacturing communities as Americans tend to isolate themselves ensuring that sick workers take time off, leaving manufacturing operations to continue. 

With 1SRC, you can quickly achieve all of these benefits and more. Ensure that your selected supplier is process and credit worthy with our flexible trade credit system and certification review system. Pay in 30, 60, 90 days, while your supplier gets paid immediately to begin work. See what 1SRC can do to relieve your supply chain woes today.

April 13, 2020
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