Taking The Crunch Out of Cash Flow

By: Adam Reusché

It's an exciting time to be a manufacturer!

The team behind 1SRC are currently applying the finishing touches to one of the most disruptive platforms to hit the manufacturing technology space. 1SRC's seeks to add a sourcing edge for American businesses in a way that is not antagonistic to traditional business practices.

"It's remarkably difficult for small businesses to do business with large enterprises" writes Adam Reusché.

"By partnering with Behalf Pay, we're hoping to enable manufacturing outfits the opportunity to find one another, have their new suppliers get paid immediately, and allow the manufacturer the luxury of paying in 30-90 days."

1SRC is the only free to join, bid, and RFQ post sourcing platform available to US based manufacturers. Avoid unfair foreign competition by leveraging the power of American financial ingenuity and manufacturing muscle. Reduce lead time, source domestically, and add value to your next campaign. Register for 1SRC's public beta launch by entering your email below.

April 13, 2020
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