Good ball handle is one of the must-have skills for a professional point guard in order to run the offense to perfection, this skill not only can help your team secure the ball from the opposition, but also makes it easier for your team to score in tight defense, Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry are two of many point guards in the league to possess this marvelous skill, they are considered to be the best ball handlers of this generation and among the greatest in the history of the game. This video will feature a head-to-head battle on top 10 career crossovers between these two exceptional young talents, plus an honorable mention for each!  I didn't own any of the clips in this video, it all belongs to the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Kyrie Irving vs Stephen Curry Top 10 Career Crossovers:
Honorable Mention. Kyrie Irving vs Minnesota Timberwolves 02:30
Victim(s): Zach LaVine, Gorgui Dieng
Honorable Mention. Stephen Curry vs New Orleans Pelicans 02:55
Victim(s): Jrue Holiday
10. Kyrie Irving vs Golden State Warriors 03:19
Victim(s): Stephen Curry
10. Stephen Curry vs Oklahoma City Thunder 03:55
Victim(s): Reggie Jackson
9. Kyrie Irving vs Philadelphia 76ers 04:10
Victim(s): JaKarr Sampson
9. Stephen Curry vs Los Angeles Clippers 04:50
Victim(s): Chris Paul
8. Kyrie Irving vs Houston Rockets 05:18
Victim(s): Patrick Beverley, Terrence Jones
8. Stephen Curry vs Oklahoma City Thunder 05:55
Victim(s): Kevin Durant
7. Kyrie Irving vs San Antonio Spurs 06:32
Victim(s): Marco Belinelli, Tiago Splitter
7. Stephen Curry vs Portland Trail Blazers 07:15
Victim(s): Damian Lillard
6. Kyrie Irving vs Toronto Raptors 07:52
Victim(s): Greivis Vasquez, Tyler Hansbrough
6. Stephen Curry vs Dallas Mavericks 08:24
Victim(s): Corey Brewer
5. Kyrie Irving vs Washington Wizards 08:45
Victim(s): Glen Rice Jr., Jan Vesely
5. Stephen Curry vs San Antonio Spurs 09:04
Victim(s): Gary Neal
4. Kyrie Irving vs New York Knicks 09:34
Victim(s): Pablo Prigioni
4. Stephen Curry vs Oklahoma City Thunder 09:55
Victim(s): Serge Ibaka
3. Kyrie Irving vs Minnesota Timberwolves 10:15
Victim(s): Tayshaun Prince
3. Stephen Curry vs Indiana Pacers 10:56
Victim(s): George Hill
2. Kyrie Irving vs Oklahoma City Thunder 11:21
Victim(s): Thabo Sefolosha
2. Stephen Curry vs Los Angeles Clippers 11:44
Victim(s): Matt Barnes, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul, Spencer Hawes 
1. Kyrie Irving vs Team Chuck (Rising Stars Challenge) 12:21
Victim(s): Brandon Knight
1. Stephen Curry vs Los Angeles Clippers 13:07
Victim(s): Chris Paul 


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