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With the way the hiring process is these days, recruiters are flooded with thousands of cover letters. Trying to sift through them all can be a daunting process. On top of this, most cover letters are generic and tell the recruiter nothing about you. 

But there are a couple of things recruiters really CAN'T STAND when it comes to cover letters. Career expert and Work It Daily founder J.T. O'Donnell is going to share what those things are and why you should stop doing them NOW...

#1: To Whom It May Concern

Using the phrase comes off as old-fashioned, impersonal, and shows that you didn't do your homework on the company.

Instead use "Dear Hiring Team", "Dear Hiring Manager" or better yet find the name of the person who posted the job.

# 2: Recap of your resume.

Writing out your accomplishment and rehashing what's already in your resume is wasting the recruiters time. Also, you could list the wrong thing in your cover letter could make them decide you're not a good fit and they won't even look at your resume. 

Instead, you need a disruptive cover letter. Check out our video on how to write a cover letter recruiters will love!

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Learn how to write a cover letter recruiters will love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdUafTx82OM

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