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Old 11-01-2003, 10:20 PM   #61
Spiral's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: California
Posts: 846 Spiral is on a distinguished road
mayb it'll even have worse battery life
PDA's: Asus A620, Ipaq 3835, m100, NR70v, SJ20. SJ30, Tungsten C/E/T/T3
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Old 11-01-2003, 10:35 PM   #62
thats me an heidi
Orincarnia's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: San Antonio
Posts: 1,973 Orincarnia is on a distinguished road
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oooo new feature, battery lasts half as long, so come buy a second double capacity battery and get the third half off!!!
dyslexics of the world UNTIE
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Old 11-01-2003, 11:25 PM   #63
Registered User
sonylover's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2003
Location: Canada/HongKong
Posts: 28 sonylover is on a distinguished road
Man! The first picture looks sooooo real!!!
Well, "luckly" it will take 3~4 months at least until the new ux is released. I will start to save money on it then...if the news is true.
PPc -> Palm m505 -> Clie T665C -> Clie UX50
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Old 11-01-2003, 11:47 PM   #64
Jeepers's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: New Jersey, USA
Posts: 99 Jeepers is on a distinguished road
Red face UX80

I get a kick out of all these posts which act like you shouldn't have bought a UX50 since there is a new model coming out. Folks, I've got a newsflash.....THERE IS ALWAYS A NEW MODEL COMING OUT!!! All of us who have a UX50 love it and we are enjoying all the features it offers over the current crop of PDAs. I am excited to see that Sony will be enhancing the UX line, as I expected, and this only confirms that Sony realizes they are onto something with this model form factor. This makes me very happy as my productivity has already increased tremendously from using the UX50.

If you are always going to wait for the next thing, you might as well just wait for the UX 500 since I'm sure that will have a direct neuron link and holographic imaging
UX50....The James Bond of PDA's
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Old 11-01-2003, 11:55 PM   #65
CLIE faithful
hope's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Chicago
Posts: 829 hope is on a distinguished road
Nobody should knock people for waiting for the newest thing. I got the UX50 because I know that what I want won't be out for about a year. If I kept waiting I would still have a rather nice NX80 but as it goes I upgraded. I upgraded and am going to force myself to wait for about a year because the UX50 is almost exactly what I want. Either way, waiting in 3 month intervals to see what's coming out isn't so bad. Try doing that with Palm as you would wait almost every year.(save for the T1,2,3 line)
Official Clie Collector of all the greatest Clie's
VZ90* TH55/E* UX50* TJ37* NX80* NX73/E* -NR70- -TG50- -NZ90- -T615- -N760- S300*

* I have
-- I need

If you have ones needed for sale or would like to donate to the Clie museum, please PM me. Thanks everyone

Dreading the day I no longer use a CLIE
Keep God first. Keep your wife happy. Keep your priorities striaght. Keep your Palm on you.
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Old 11-02-2003, 12:06 AM   #66
Mr. Pink
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Los Angeles
Posts: 133 Mr. Pink is on a distinguished road
My sentiments EXACTLY. I used to get sad because my device or computer would almost obsolete by the time I took it out of my packaging. But I'm glad that companies come out with bigger and better things... otherwise (ironically) I would be sad that there wasn't anything new to look forward to.

Bottom line is. I love my UX50. Will it be my last PDA ever? Hell no. I for one am looking forward to the next upgrade.

Mr. Pink
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Old 11-02-2003, 12:13 AM   #67
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: San Luis Obispo, California, but heart is left at Home (Tokyo, Japan)
Posts: 122 kkrays is on a distinguished road
Ok, but some of us don't have the money to repeatedly keep buying new models as they come out, not that you're suggesting it. So the model we buy is the model that we'll stick with for quite a while. So naturally, we'd like to get the best product that fits our needs for our money. If a new model comes out just days after, I don't think it feels great at all.
I miss Tokyo and all its neat goodies :(
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Old 11-02-2003, 12:27 AM   #68
Mr. Pink
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Los Angeles
Posts: 133 Mr. Pink is on a distinguished road
Yes, but you have to realize that when you purchase your machine and buy it towards the beginning of the release. That way you will have some time, albeit a short few months to enjoy it.

A few years ago, I used to scour the computer adds and pick and choose what I would want. After I made my purchase I just stopped checking out what was out there... for my own sanity.
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Old 11-02-2003, 12:32 AM   #69
Registered User
Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 35 termy is on a distinguished road
hope they have a faster processor a 400mhz arm. That would be compatible with the t3.
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Old 11-02-2003, 12:33 AM   #70
Enceladus's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Oregon, USA
Posts: 335 Enceladus is on a distinguished road
I think the photos are pure photoshop jobs. I also can't picture Sony releasing a new device so close to the UX so soon after it came out.

I doubt the next Clie is going to look so similar to a current model, they all have a unique style and look...
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Old 11-02-2003, 01:24 AM   #71
Senior Member
Hakaida's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Posts: 229 Hakaida is on a distinguished road
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Well, whether it's real or not (and I agree with Enceladus and those others who see it as a pure "Enquirer style' Photoshop job), I'm with those who said they're happy with their UX50. Something is NOT obsolete, just because a newer model comes out. Obsolete would be if your device just can't do the things that you need to do, or is too slow or otherwise incapable of adequately running "standard" set of software apps of the day. Clearly, this isn't the case with the UX50. All it means is that you no longer have the "latest and greatest".

I realize that for some of us, sadly, that seems to mean it's "obsolete", and that's, of course, your right to think that way, but it sure makes life more miserable being so tied to things that way. Admittedly, I'd like to have a unit with some improvements over what my UX50 has, but that said, I have to also add that I wouldn't trade my UX50 for any other pda out there right now. It does everything I want...and more, that I am discoverig along the way.
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Old 11-02-2003, 01:48 AM   #72
Registered User
bluguru's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Out there
Posts: 139 bluguru is on a distinguished road
Do not forget how long ago we saw the first "sneak" photo of the gaget that became known as the UX50 in that Sony press conference. What a strange device it seemed from the first glance. It did take quite a while before the device was actually released. Perhaps this is a glimpse of the OS 6 palm devices that Sony is rumored to be toying with for early next year. I do not think we will see it too soon, even with the price drops (on a 699 device). time will tell, of course.
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Old 11-02-2003, 02:41 AM   #73
Pocket PC and Honda Freak
Importluva's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: UIUC
Posts: 628 Importluva is on a distinguished road
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I think that this unit maybe a bit bigger than the current UX, and maybe this will make them incorporate the larger screen? The portrait/landscape button makes perfect sense to me. Why? Simple. Most people keep the unit closed when not in use. When you want to use it, you flip it open, then turn it on. If you want portrait, hit the key, swivel/flip and use it. Want to use the keyboard again? Then swivel/flip, hit the key and then type away. It makes sense to me.

About teh Toshiba e800-it DOES in fact support VGA resolution, I saw some pictures comparing it with an ipaq and it sure is there.
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Old 11-02-2003, 07:58 AM   #74
Registered User
Join Date: Aug 2003
Posts: 300 anthonymoody is on a distinguished road
Sorry, if you've used a TT3 then you know the benefit of switching via software. Sometimes you'd want to *leave* the UX50 in tablet mode, yet switch from portrait to landscape.

The UX50 - don't leave home without it!
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Old 11-02-2003, 08:02 AM   #75
UX-50/T610 enabled
ricleo's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Singapore
Posts: 1,773 ricleo is on a distinguished road
well, I don't think that sony will leave out the option of switching portrait to landscape/vice versa even if there's a hardware button right? Just because there's a hardware button doesn;'t mean you won't be able to do it via a software tap so the hardware button should just be a useful convenience over the software tap.
Pda History->M505 ->N710C -> T-665 ->NR70V ->NX70V ->NX80V -> Black NX73V-> UX50
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