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I used the FM tuner on my Nokia, when I was on a long road trip, but that's it. At that time I would've liked AM support, but only because some areas had no FM stations available. It's more of a boredom feature.

The Zune's sligthly larger screen of the same rez, only means slightly larger pixels, so a slightly blurrier image. Its downfall, is it also equates to a shorter battery life. I'm suprised though, since the 30G Zune is a incy bit heavier than the 80G iPod and bulikier all around, so with its extra "gurth" should have plenty of room for a larger capacity battery.

Anyway no Click-Wheel control makes the Zune no better than my Nokia when it comes to navigating through music. And it's MS, they really don't now shite about making easy-to-use/intuitive/full-featured software, and I'm not being sarcastic. All of their stuff these days is an after thought, that's been killed by focus-groups. Besides, my Nokia like my iPod doesn't look cheap, where as the Zune looks like a cheap plastic iPod rip-off.


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