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I don't seem to be having such amazing results with my TX. My battery life is okay, but web surfing just sucks it down like crazy.

I feel like most of those tests were done on brand new TXs, so the battery hasn't set in yet, and acting a bit strange. I would be interested in getting real results from people who hav been using their TXs for over a month.

I am underclocking my TX to 214 MHz, and lowering the brightness as much as possible. Also, I will buy those cool Sony earphones with that silicon earplug design so that I don't suck as much power when listening to music.

My TX battery life seems okay, but certainly not as amazing as what other people here are reporting.

Still, I love this device, and can't wait for 4GB SD cards to drop in Price. I am missing the LD's voice recorder, but the TX's design is much simpler and elegant, lighter and smaller. No moving parts is great too.

I will get one of those AA chargers though. They will it great in my pocket next to the TX, and be perfect for web browsing and music streaming in coffee shops.

I love the TX. It was well worth the wait. From now on, it can only be uphill for Palm. Maybe next year we'll have a Zire 73 that will be just like the TX, but with a camera and VC. That would be pure Heaven!
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