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BT Sync or BT install conflicts with PALM keyboard driver (v. 1.08)

This may have been posted/discovered already -- sorry if it's a duplicate. I just came across this issue. I got my brand new TX and reinstalled all my favorite software via SD card restore (one program at a time).

Later on, I wanted to add a new software item, but this time via Bluetooth and the Mac's Bluetoth File Exchange or Drag 'N Tooth -- it didn't work.

Long story short, I hard reset and installed applications in groups (A's first then B's, then C's ... etc.) -- and then I found it. The PALM driver for the Palm Universal Wireless keyboard -- currently at version 1.08 -- creates this BT install problem. It also creates a BT sync problem since I couldn't create a connection with my Mac or PC via BlueTooth with the PALM Keyboard driver installed. But once I deleted the file, BT sync and file install via BT works again.

Can someone try to replicate this issue? I don't think it's a dangerous replication.

Okay ... thought I'd share...
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