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Originally Posted by Cyker
NVFS their biggest innovation? There's nothing innovate about it - PPC's have been able to do that since they had SD cards! NVFS is just a bad implementation of an idea that's been around since computers were invented.

Ah, but it doesn't really work that way. Until WM5 (which works almost exactly like NVFS), if you let the battery on your PPC go dead, you lose all your PIM data, your registry and any applications (today themes, plugins, etc.) that had to be installed in RAM.

Originally Posted by Cyker
I do take issue about the stability and buggy programs thing 'tho - That's just not fair on the coders.
See, NVFS works *exactly* the same way as running a program off VFS via the \PALM\Launcher directory, and we already knew that a lot of programs didn't like that - Despite this, Palm extended that over the system, hid a few things and rename a few things and didn't even consider any consequences.

In other words, coders have had four years to get ready for this and still messed it up, yes? Anything that worked properly on a VFS m505 should work properly with NVFS.

Originally Posted by Cyker
The wiping of the NVFS during a hard reset is a Good Thing - As you say, if it didn't then a Hard Reset would be pointless. Even Real RAM devices effectively null-write all their RAM (By cutting power ) when hard reset, so it's just a logical continuation.

That said 'tho, the null-writing of VFS areas is stupid stupid stupid. There is no good reason for this. Also, I thought only the LifeDrive did this, but I'm told the T|5 does it to it's internal FlashRAM too - Is this true?! (I hope not!!)

Again, did you actually read what I wrote or listen to the podcast?

Here, let me refresh your memory:

Originally Posted by Jeff Kirvin
As for losing everything on a hard reset, I've done a lot of thinking about this and really, that's by design. If your Palm is screwed up enough to require a hard reset, then Palm has no way of knowing whether the source of the problem is in the storage heap (the 64MB section of the T5/LifeDrive pretending to be RAM) or on the internal drive. It's simply safer to wipe everything and go back to factory defaults. If they'd only wiped the storage heap and that didn't fix the problem, you'd have a doorstop.

As long as you don't wipe everything, the problem could still live on that card and keep causing trouble. Favorites on the T5/E2/LD/Treo allows you to run applications directly off the card.

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