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Originally Posted by GadgetGuru
PalmOS' original design is great. At every hotsync, your data is backup'ed. With USB's and OS 5-5.1's speed a restore takes just a couple of minute or less. No need for NVFS. Fully drained battery is a seldom occurence, and if Palm has include a cradle with most, this would even lessen that further, I know that most people will just put the Palm in their cradle overnight to charge. And even with a fully drained battery, there's probably enough juice for a few hours to tide you over until you run home to charge it.

For you, maybe. But again, "regular" people aren't going to bother with that. They just won't. I've seen hundreds of "dead" PDAs that just needed a charge and restore. But why make people do that if the device doesn't have to get amnesia every time the battery goes dead?

Originally Posted by GadgetGuru
So without backup solutions, you really will have to rely on NVFS and hope you don't have to hardreset on the road...

There it is again. I don't know how much simpler I can say this.

You should never, EVER, have to do a hard reset. There is almost always a less destructive way of solving the problem.

I'd hate to be with you hard reset people on a camping trip.

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Originally Posted by GadgetGuru
NVFS is neat, if it works. But PalmOne and Palmsource (?) did it all wrong. When OS5 comes out, resets takes 5 seconds or less, that to many is a big improvement, a real sign that Palm OS 5 is superior to OS 4. But with NVFS and its super slow boot up time, many people think Palm OS is regressing instead of going forward. PDAs are supposed to be boot up quickly, so that you could jot something down and move on to your next task. Resets do happen, and if you just want to jot something down and a reset occurs, you'll be pulling your hair if you have to wait 20 seconds (T5) or a minute (Lifedrive) for the OS to boot up again when you want to jot something down.

What are you doing that you have to reset so often? I have the "horrible" T5 and I don't reset at all unless I'm knowingly doing something stupid. For example, I've had more than my usual resets recently because I'm running SkinUI, which is still in beta. But that's a decision I've made and I know the consequences. I also know that if I removed the unfinished software, my T5 would be rock solid again.

But again, you're making a strawman argument. 99% of the time, the device isn't going to reset when you turn it on to jot something down. It's instant on, just like other Palms.

Originally Posted by GadgetGuru
NVFS also broke many an applications, sure many of them are not well-written. But do you expect every developer to fix their application everytime a new device shows up?

No, I expect them to get it right the first time. Stick to the rules, ferret out the bugs, and nobody gets hurt.

Originally Posted by GadgetGuru
I don't think the masses want to hae to upgrade all their applications again and again...and some developers even charge for them. Take Agendus, if you are content with version 7 or 8, why upgrade to 9? But if you get a new NVFS unit, you'll be forced to because only version 9 works on NVFS units.

One of the reasons I no longer use Agendus. It's buggy to begin with, and then they charge for bug fixes.

Originally Posted by GadgetGuru
And there's PalmOne stupid implementation of Lifedrive. Just HD RAM as NVFS. That's sheer stupidity. The Cache is too small for a multimedia device. If only that device has RAM , then it will be zippier and I am sure many a Palm user will upgrade to one, as it is, some do but many don't.

Did you read or listen to a word I said?

If it had RAM, it wouldn't be able to survive a dead battery.

"That submarine would fly a lot better if it had wings and a jet engine..."
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