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I think most people respond to the 1-2 second lag because Palm was known for their simplicity and their quick access. Now they are slowly losing ground on this and before we know it, PPC and Palms won't be that diffrent from each other. With all this talk bout resets and how they do happen, well I think I been blessed by Sony. I think Sony handhelds are VERY reliable. My first PDA was an NX70, then it just increased. I always stayed with Sony and have very rarely experienced any kind of resets. Before TH55, I never knew how to do a hard reset and think before TH55, I think I had about total of 5 soft resets from the NX70 to the UX50. Why before TH55? Well, lately I was brave to test out beta programs and well, they are sooo cool I HAD to test them out but yeah, I had some problems because of that hehehe but before these enhancements, still VERY rarely (like soft reset 2 times) did I have to soft reset my TH and for my first hard reset (PicselBrowser problems ) I had to go in my manual and find out how to do it.

Then again, I guess I usually don't put TOO much misc apps on my PDA, I only put apps that are well known. *Docs2go, Zlauncher, AcidImage, etc*
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