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Using Motorola V600 as Bluetooth Dial-up modem with PalmOS devices
In order for two Bluetooth devices to communicate with each other, they will have to be paired. Before they could be paired, the Bluetooth Radio will have to be turned ON on both devices:
On the PalmOS: On the Prefs – Bluetooth menu, ensure it displays “Enabled”
On the Motorola V600 phone:
Menu – Settings – Connection – Bluetooth link – Setup – Power, select Edit/Add, set to ON, select “Select
1. Pair the two devices:
- On the Phone, from the Bluetooth link – Setup menu, highlight “Find me”, select “Select”
- On the handheld, from the Bluetooth menu, access “Trusted devices”, select “Add device”.
When prompted, enter the same passkey on both devices.

2. Configuring the PalmOS handheld to use the Motorola V600 as Bluetooth Dial-up modem:
Step 1
Create a new connection on the Handheld:
From the Prefs – Connection menu, select New and configure as follows:
Name: V600
Connect to: Local Network
Via: Bluetooth
Device: Motorola Phone
Step 2
Create a new Network Service:
From the Prefs - Network menu, tap on Preferences in the upper left corner and under Service, select “New”
Configure as follows:
Service: Rogers Wireless
User name: wapuser1
Password: wap
Connection: V600 (the connection created above)
Select “Details” and ensure it displays the following:
Connection type: PPP
Idle timeout: Never
Query DNS: (checked)
IP Address: (checked) Automatic

Select “Script” and enter the following:
Send: at+cgdcont=1,"IP",""
Send CR:
Send: ATD*99#
Send CR:
Select OK, select OK again and then, select “Connect”

I didn't go into extensive detail on the blue tooth pairing of devices. I'm assuming the user has the ability to do this part.

One of the things you have to be careful of is the proper keyboaring of scripts and information in general. Make sure that you don't have periods for commas, or and that you have open and closed quotes keyboarded properly... I had a heck of time initially setting it up but got the above work properly for a V600 and Sony UX50 Clie... if you do it right it whould work!

regards all
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