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Burned the cd for winexpert he is supposed to get his copy on saturday, he is meeting me at the sony store in Manhattan N.Y. Anybody else wants to met us let me know I will burn a cd for you to. But I still dont know how much I should charge If I start mailing out copies to people, plus I dont know how I would receive the money, I mean I dont want people to rip me off and I also dont want them to think I am going to rip them of either. Anyway I have more than just In living color videos, I also have the chappell show, friday, friday after next, American History X, Badboys 1 and 2. Scareface and many other movies and shows. P.S. If I do start mailing copies to people I well give 2 free cds of Mqv to anybody who can fiqure out what is it that I have my money laying on in my avatar. I will only charge around five or 10 dollars per cd.
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