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Originally posted by RichieRichDolla
Winexprt where do you live in newyork. I live in manhattan if your close your could definately get the movies I could drop them of at the sony store. About mailing them, How much does it cost to mail a cd. I would just charge that price plus the price of the cd, I Have a huge collection of movies I would like to share but I cant figure out how to get them to people.

Hey. I'm in Manhattan all the time. I live in Westchester. Do you work in the Sony store on Madison? That's where I bought my NX80V BTW. Hmm that would be a good idea as it's probably the best way to get them to me...I'll throw ya a couppla bucks too.

Um..I think it's around a dollar (or less) to mail out CD's. If you figgure CD's bought in bulk are less than $0.35 each, you could charge only a few bucks and still make a nice profit on each one. Just an idea to throw atcha. PM me if you wanna meet up this weekend as I go into the city like every other day to see my GF.
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