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Game Maker.. interested?

I posted this to Zodiac Gamer, but it equally applies to other Palm OS devices.. so here goes..

I've been getting lots of people asking what I'm up to (aside from Shadow Plan new desktop work and a new version for OS6/Cobalt)...

I've dodged answering much since I've been keeping it under my hat; however, a recent turn of events has me a little off kilter, so what the hell? I'll let you guys in on it..

I've been building a 2D game engine to build a number of games I'm interested in; however, its an engine where most everything is defined in the config files and scripts. Which is to say, people can make their own games and levels and mods in it. Its a work in progress, but is already doing some pretty cool stuff.

It runs on Palm OS/Zodiac, Windows, Mac OSX, Unix (FreeBSD), Linux, GP32 handheld, and if I get around to it, Symbian and Pocket PC sometime So write a simple little game in it, and it runs on a bunch of platforms without any work.

I've not mentioned it here because of a couple of things.. ie: Anyone is welcome to make their own little games with it (using the desktop platform engine versions, or GP32 version); the Palm OS version won't come out until my own main game is ready, since I need to make a few bucks to cover some of these costs, and to cover some of the game dev costs (got an artist to pay too, hes working hard on it too

So the desktop versions will be freeware; the Palm OS/Zodiac game I make will be a few bucks ($5 or $10 likely, we'll see, but you know I like to keep it all cheap); but the engine will let people make their own games, or play other peoples games. I know the first posted rpely will be "make it free", but we'll see; I make a livign doing software, so can't make everything free (I've already got most of my stuff given away for free after all!). but who knows, this might end pu free too. Don't bug me about it.

So what you can get now is the Windows version to build your levels and games in; the GP32 version will be posted in a bit, and the Mac OSX version in a bit. The Palm OS and Zodiac one will be posted in a couple months likely, but maybe earlier.. got a cople little games in the frier there. (ie: You can build your games for free and runt hem on most platforms for free, but likely the Palm OS version will cost a few bucks to play them in for others). If you make a good level, I can probably give you a engine copy for free too.

I've just extended the engine so it now has 3 main game types it should be good at..

1) Action puzzlers; like Gauntlet, Time Bandits, Zelda, etc.
2) Asteroids style games (rotate, thrust)
3) Platformers (like Mario brothers, etc)

So if you want to make a little game thats playable on many platforms, you're welcome to sign up to the mailing list and get cracking.

Let me know your thoughts..


(edit added...)

This is not a programming API; this is a way for *anyone* (non programmers!) to make games. Its scripting based with a very simple language. So don't let your fears get in the way.. its made for everyone who has the *will* to do it. IF you've got the desire, you can make a game. Patience, too

Sign up here:

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