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Re: Clie Organizer Thread

Originally posted by rldunn
[[QUOTE]Originally posted by rldunn
2) This should almost be 1a. I'm not sure what that area containing the pics, notes, and voice recording is called, but we should come up with a name. I'll use Drag & Drop Bar (DDB) for now, but I'm not sure that's a great name.

First of all, thanks to rldunn for a great, candid review of the new applications in the TH55.

Looking at the manuals (yes, I actually read the documentation), the area that you named the DDB is called the "contents field" or the "contents area".

This thread and others in this site have really helped me make decisions about my (soon to be) newest PDA with respect to the PIM applications.
Could you confirm (or deny) the posts that I have read on DB5 (which I use and love!), regarding the performance on the TH55. Specifically, does the new patch 5.1a-sk support the 480x320 format properly?

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