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This is soooooo silly! Who cares if Bestn Buy won't carry it! If you going to buy it, buy it! You guys act like I said you can't buy the NZ any where! LOL! I was just sharing with you guys the imformation that I heard. I spoke to a friend I know that works for Sony and it's TRUE! Best Buy doesn't feel that the NZ 90 will sale because of the price. Of course Best Buy sales items that cost more than $800! Duh! But in the PDA department that was a little too expensive. Plus the margin of profit is too slim for them to take a chance on it! My wife will check today with her friend who works for Best Buy's purchasing dept.

LITTLESIX, relax you WILL be able to buy a NZ!

Thank God Best Buy isn't the only electronic store, I'd be dead right now.
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