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THIRST: My streaming Internet radio browser app

[I posted this in Applications, too. I hope that's not a problem.]

One of my favorite things to do with my Sony Clie TH-55US Palm device is to listen to Internet streaming audio with PocketTunes.

At first I used the browser to search for and link to streaming audio, but as time went on, the Shoutcast web site got more overloaded with graphics, flash, advertising, and other silly stuff. The slower it ran on my TH-55, the more dissatisfied I became ...

... until I gave up and wrote my own streaming audio browser as a web page that's formatted for my Clie. My app, the Tiny Handheld Internet Radio Search Tool (THIRST) --

* uses no Shockwave,

* displays only text (except for two small images on the "About this App" page that you don't have to look at),

* and, it doesn't require Javascript.

All this means that it's light on the client side for fast data transfer and display. I've tested it well enough to be satisfied with it for myself, so I'm turning it loose for other streaming audio enthusiasts with small-screen and /or aging browsers to enjoy.

You'll find my app at

The search string in that URL will get you started on some music for you to enjoy right away.

And here's a screen shot (click to see full-size) --

One thing to note: the application hosting service I'm using charges me nothing, but they do insert an advertisement into the website. The application mostly covers it, but the ad increases the screen width, despite the fact that I tailored the app for a 320 pixel screen width. (Whaddya expect for nuthin? It still works!)

-- Tom Revay
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