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Transfer data for RMS reading or Java reading pdb format

Hi, I have the following problem, and maybe someone can elucidate me:
I have a MIDP software that runs on Palm. It runs quite fine, since I only insert items from palm and download to PC( hotsync). The files come as PDB and I do many things with them (one thing is read and record in my relational database on PC).
Well, since it is only NEW ITEMS on palm it is ok and working (I'm using RMS).
But now, my problem is that I need to populate the database on Palm before the employee get out with it to collect another informations. And update my records that I have put there in PDB files.
The problem is that the RMS format (even using PDB files to support it) is different from the original pdb format.
And the RMS is for J2ME. I cant record a file in J2SE ( on my desktop ) using RMS. And even If I could, the RMS does not allow me to change the Creator ID.
I tried a code I download from net that is supposed to implement RMS in J2SE. So, I create the PDB files with my records I want to put in Palm, after that I do the hotsync operation and the PDBs goes to the palm. But after that, the softwre does not recognize the file format and does not read my files.
I have already tried to create a conduit. But since the support from ACCESS Development is not that good for Java Conduit, I could not register my conduit application in hotsync software.
I made a conduit (implementing a Conduit interface - from jsync) but the problem is that I could not register my conduit.
Is there any way to register a Java Conduit with my hotsync software?
Or is there any way to put the data in palm, from pc, using RMS format?
Or is there any way in Java ME , to use the original format PDB files to read my data?
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