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Originally Posted by Dolomite
i am pretty sure it will work offline as well. i saw him talking about the Airplane mode, which disables all the radios. it didnt shut down the devive, you could still use it.


Yes, but what functionality will be lost when you disable the radios?

and still nobody has addressed the backwards compatability issue yet.

Until then, I for one feel left out, with a large investment of money, time, & getting the apps & settings & level of productivity that I'd get any device for is left in the dust by WebOS NOT supporting legacy Palm apps out of the box.
Without the backwards compatibility, this might as well be a better behaved Windows Mobile, running on a Linux based platform-

except that Palm has seen fit to stress the WebOS aspect more than the Linux based aspect- & thereby get others to do their work for them.... sure w/all the web related programming platforms being 'supported' by WebOS, Palm doesn't have to do anything. They just sit back & let others take care of the 'little stuff' like support of what made Palm into what Palm was known for- lots & lots & lots of good apps that were not all that hard to use.

Now with WebOS they seem to have abdicated their responsibility to their loyal base of users for a new paradigm with no apparent means of running the current PalmOS apps.

Why did Palm bother with Linux? Hopefully b/c it is more stable & hopefully others will create a pipeline, or channel, or environment, or whatever it is called to have use of those apps we all know & love.

There must be local storage built in, and what were they thinking by providing a battery capacity of ONLY 1150? Yes, others have gotten by, but the whole whiz-bang aspect of WebOS is the 'cloud', & that means power being devoured quickly to take advantage of these features & OH, you might want to make a phone call, which also eats up power...

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