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I'm totally a PALM fans, using treo650 and TT5. Recently, my TT5, who supported my study for 3 years, was unfortunately down. At first I wanna buy a CF card updated Lifedrive, but after serious consideration and reviewing many threads here especially, I got my TH55 from ebay. Although it is second-handed, so far I feel I made the best choice. Thanks for this forums and everybody here, I got a lot of useful information here.

BTW, El Maquinas, I also installed DTG11 in my TH55. Interestingly, I can use word to go in 320*480 mode. And I donít know why, I didnít change any settings at all. I donít know how to post picture here, if I figure out how Iíll show you ~

Thank everyone here again ~

With best,
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