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Give your TX/LD a multi-gigabyte internal drive

So using my SDHC driver, a few wires, a few free GPIOs in the TX and LD, a bit-banged SD interface, and a few microSdhc cards my TX now has a 32GB internal drive!

How it works? I found 7 free GPIOs on the TX, wired them up to the 4 8gb microSDHC cards internally, and modified my driver to use this as an SD interface, and then to treat the 4 cards as one big card. So now I have a 32GB internal drive that is always with me. The 1-bit bit-banged interface is not stellar-fast (4MBit/s is what I get) but it is enough for me.

The cool part? SD slot still usable normally, no case modifications, driver is in ROM

Same can be done for Treos, LD, T5, Z72, E2, Z31, TC, Zodiac, iQue, etc... Cool huh?
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