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Alan thanks for sharing your experience. The 750 is great tool for corporate users who relies heavily on push email via the exchange servers. For me I'm still sticking with the Treo 680 for the time being. The resolution of the 750 is something that I don't really like. It is much better to read information on a 320x320 screen resolution device like the current crop of Palm OS Treo's. Strange thing that Palm didn't include the world clock or equivalent software on the 750. For me it is one of the most important app that I have. I used it as an Alarm Clock and its been part of my daily life for almost 3 years now since I purchased my first Palm, and Tungsten E2.

The navigation on the 750 is a breeze, compare to other Windows Mobile devices that I have used. Sending text messages is great because of the threaded sms application. The Treo 750 is really a winner and most of the people that I met that move to a Treo 750 who previously used other WM devices they are very happy with the performance of the 750.
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