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Originally Posted by Telyx
I think it was written specifically to get Picsel Browser to work on a Zodiac.
I got Picsel Browser to work on a Zodiac without it, and never saw it do anything useful one way or the other.

Picsel Browser and NetFront, both ripped from Clies, run fine on my Zodiac, but both needed a little external assistance, from Code Diver to handle the full 320x480 screen, and from UDMH to provide my dynamic heap for NetFront.

The other major thing out there from Clies is the Macromedia Flash Player for Palm OS, but that won't run on the Zodiac. It does something that triggers the Zodiac exception mechanism, and causes a crash and reset. (It would be of limited use if it did run -- it only supports up to Flash 5, and Macromedia gave up on Palm OS development shortly after and concentrated on Windows Mobile for handhelds.)
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