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Leatherneck9198 02-28-2005 08:50 PM

Home Theater Front Projector!!!!
I've been planning and searching for a best affordable Home Theater Front Projector. Anyone has any recommendations or Suggestions regarding how to buy a projector. I'm only 19 years old and suggesting a projector over regular rear projection TVs for use with home theater.

Thanks for your interest!!!

harpoon 03-09-2005 11:33 PM

Check out the BenQ's DLP line (6100/6200). Relatively cheap; Has got good reviews everywhere on the web. Of course, as you may already know, the replacement bulbs are a pain in the ***** because of their price. If it's not your main TV and will just be used for movies, etc. go for it, otherwise I'd advise against it. If you still want to get it anyways, check the replacement bulb costs and the life of the bulb. (generally 2000-3000 hours in powersaver mode) Hope this helps.

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