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Jeff Kirvin 02-24-2005 12:37 AM

1SRC Podcast Twelve
The Clie is officially dead, PalmSource drops HotSync for SyncML and Cobalt isn't an issue. [details]

Alan G 02-24-2005 07:38 PM

I thought your discussion of Cobalt vs. Garnet was on the mark. I have also encountered people, Palm OS enthusiests, who running around telling eveyone who will listen then they were going out to buy an iPAQ because the T5 wasn't running Garnet. Yes, Garnet looks cool. Yes Palm OS is due for a GUI update, but again, I agree that palmOne is in the business of selling devices to a broad range of people.

Back in November I was sitting in a cramped hotel room in Manhattan attending one of palmOne's Treo Roadshow meetings. And they came out and said it in the meeting. palmOne is making device for soccor moms and executives. They aren't building devices for the uber-Palm OS geeks. And as I was sitting there feeling slightly betraied, it stated to sink in. Ya, that makes sense. And they went on to say that they develop devices to solve problems. They look at what people in their target markets want, and they devleop a solution. The Treo is a business device. The Zire line is for people who want a nice handheld on a budget. The Tungsten line is for people who fall in the middle somewhere.

Anyway, as always, I enjoyed the show. I know that you didn't get to it in this podcast, but I would like to hear how you are getting along with the T5. I decided to stick with my T3. (I'll have to check out your review on writingonyourpalm.net next.)

Alan G

Ballajura 02-24-2005 09:20 PM

I'm really enjoying these podcasts each week, and listen to them on my way to pick my daughter up from gymnastic training. I bought an NX80 a little over six months ago and love it...it fills my needs perfectly. I use Docs to Go, and the standard PIM apps synced to Outlook, Pocket Tunes for music, AvantGo for offline web content, Movie Player for watching videos, etc, etc. Do I need multi-tasking; No. Do I need a new device? Do I need the "benefits" of Cobalt? I don't think so; as I said my needs are being met my current device. Sure it's "only" OS5 but it works, and afterall, it's the applications running on my NX80 that make it useful.

The news about Sony leaving the Clie market, it's sad sure but business is business. My NX80 still works and it will probably fill my needs for a long time yet so Sony leaving the Clie market doesn't really affect me at all. When it is time to get a new device I'll look at the market again and see what meets my needs then.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


daver 02-24-2005 11:07 PM

I, too, am enjoying these Podcasts.

As for Cobalt, I'm with Ballajura: My Clie serves all my purposes, ranging from simply checking my daily schedule with PIMs to intense last minute changes on my English paper that's due in 3 minutes. From my point of view, Cobalt would not benefit me any greater than Garnet has (is OS 5.2 even called Garnet?). And as Ballajura worded, perfectly might I add:
Originally Posted by Ballajura
...and afterall, it's the applications running on my NX80 that make it useful.
IMO, the only reason companies even bother with upgrading their OS' is so that they can, no offense here to anybody, stop the people from whining about this and that. It's their way of saying "here you go, happy? now shut up and get going". I don't see any difference between the OS4.1 from my old Clie SJ20 and OS 5.2 on my newer Clie TJ37, except the colour screen and the missing mail app in my ROM.

Multi-tasking is really only for those who can't sit their butts down and work on one thing at a time. For a computer, I can see why people would want this. But on a PDA, to be honest, it's a waste of space and money to develop. A PDA, whether it be a Palm-based or Windows Mobile based device, is in no way comparable to a computer software or hardware-wise. People who say they want multi-tasking abilities for a PDA are asking for a little too much. the Palm Pilot (from 3COM wasn't it) was originally designed to replace the fat ol' datebook/scheduler that you had to force out of your pockets every hour. It was designed for people those who got sick and tired of having to find some place, microscopic ones that is, to jot down a phone number or appointment time. Now the average PDA is used for movies, music and games only (I'm not including here the people who use multimedia to cut down the boring wait during the daily commute to work/school). I've talked to people who have PDAs and don't even know how to use the regular PIMs; they just know that Windows Media Player can play their mp3s, or that Bejewelled is a really addicting game. I'm beginning to believe that the PDA will soon become one of those devices that was designed for the corporate, but used by the kids kinda gadget. (But aren't they all like that now?)

As for Sony leaving the market, I'm a little disappointed, but nothing I'd mourn over. From what I read in my case studies at school, Sony actually loses money with the Clie line. If the decision to pull Clie's off shelves helps Sony gain back some of the $$$ they lost, then I think that's a great idea. Since my Clie is still running without a hitch - well, except my crappy battery - I have nothing to really say about Sony's decision and recent announcement but "bye bye Sony Clie". As most other people are saying, when the time comes I'll bid my dead handheld farewell and look into the market for a new one that fits my needs.


Alan G 02-25-2005 07:22 AM

If there is a silver lining to Sony pulling the plug on the Clie line, its that I'll be able to replace my NZ-90 that won't charge anymore with one of the new cool clam shell units. I've always been a 3Com/Palm/palmOne kinda guy, but I thought there was always something cool about the Clie line. Things like mp3 playback and the digital camera. (I really miss that 2MP camera.)

Alan G

archangel 02-25-2005 07:45 PM

Really sad to hear that the Clie is officially dead since the original Clie was my first PDA. I owned and enjoyed the Sony line for years.

The saddest news of all is that someone actually traded in a Zod for a T5. ;)

strider_mt2k 02-26-2005 05:45 AM

Cobalt doesn't sound like much fun for tinkering, that's for sure.

I've stated in past posts both here and elswhere that it's becoming a control thing with content. If the telecoms and handheld makers had it their way we'd pay a nickle to access the power switch, let alone any content.

I guess I'm just an old school tinkering geek who loves to play with cool toys.
My TH55 isn't a "means to an end" by any stretch. It's a killer toy that enhances my life while keeping me amused.

Clies dying are a sign of the world moving on.
As someone said in a book somewhere, "There are other worlds than these..."
(say thankya)

jjesusfreak01 02-26-2005 06:40 AM

I have to say, I am content with my "old" Palm OS device, the TH-55. Cobalt can be locked down to restrict programs, but the only thing that would be bad is if they decided to require a signing mechanism, or they put many restrictions into the OS itself. Of course, we have Cliepet, who would take a few minutes to hack the OS to remove the restrictions (maybe not Cliepet, but someone would do it, maybe Shadowmite?). I dont mind restrictions on the program if they are applied by the developer of the program, as these would probably only be useful, but their is always the possibility that this could be abused.

Of everything I have heard about Cobalt, the main thing that sounds appealing is memory protection. Its very funny that there is no memory protection now, and this has to be the single largest cause of crashes on the Palm OS. That would be a nice program for someone to write. Possibly something that would limit program memory, and quarantine it during a crash to let you back into your palm without a reset, if there are any developers listening, I WOULD PAY for this program.

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