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1ns4nity 03-16-2004 05:39 PM

Wonky WI-FI!!!!
Whats up with the TH-55's wifi? Some times it works flawlessly, all web pages load, verichat works too. However, most of the time, most web pages will fail to load after netfront connects to the network, instead, an error dialog pops up saying "Invalid network settings." The Strange thing is that while that pops up for site A, trying to view a new site B will still work! Whats going on.....

BTW I tried disabling power-save mode but that didnt help.

threengs 03-16-2004 06:33 PM

download the japanese wifi update. These a link for it on the th-55 forum somewhere.

FIA WRC 03-16-2004 06:44 PM

Wish I could help you. I'm sending this from my local coffee shop. WiFi has been great for me. After two days of WiFi for 45 minutes in power save with backlight at full the battery is at 60%. And that's not counting games, videos, and PIM.

Zevi 03-16-2004 07:31 PM

Re: Wonky WI-FI!!!!
Originally posted by 1ns4nity
Whats up with the TH-55's wifi? ... an error dialog pops up saying "Invalid network settings." The Strange thing is that while that pops up for site A, trying to view a new site B will still work! Whats going on.....

Well, my experience with the WiFi is that (1) it is slower than molasses, and (2) I learned to live with the annoying error message.

While the desktop that is attached to the same network loads pages quickly, the TH55 is zooming like a turtle. ClieSource, for example, loads less than 2 sec on the desktop -- 47 seconds on the TH 55! (PowerSave disabled, and both start with clean cache).

On the error note, I get the message, click "cancel", and the page continues to load. I don't know what the story with this, but it appears that other than some annoying factor, the error messgae means nothing.


jumpyg 03-16-2004 08:33 PM

Wow, I don't have that experience at all. WiFi has been quick zippy for me, and no page takes as long as 30 seconds. Also, I've never seen that error message. I love WiFi on the TH55! :D

Atomic Chicken 03-16-2004 08:54 PM


Same here.... makes me think they have a configuration problem of some sort.... WiFi setup can be tricky to someone not experienced with TCP/IP networking.

Best wishes,

Jooley 03-16-2004 09:06 PM

Until yesterday afternoon, my experience with WiFi was terrific.  The WiFi network in our home went down yesterday, can't connect from the laptop OR TH55!  None of the settings in the router configuration have changed, the silly thing just stopped working!

ithinkinink 03-16-2004 10:28 PM

Chalk me up for none of the aforementioned WiFi glitches...mine runs without a hitch I couldn't be happier with the speed. Actually I haven't found a site yet that I have has timed out or that I have stopped due to slow loading. I concur with the config error possibility.

pacer 03-16-2004 10:46 PM

Another person where wi-fi has been flawless. It has better reception and range than my Powerbook G4.


evangel 03-16-2004 10:57 PM

I've had great experiences too. In fact, I can download files as fast if not faster on my Clie than on my desktop! I still can't figure that one out... :)

joker123 03-16-2004 10:58 PM

can anybody try webmail.shaw.ca ?? I can't get to that site. It is my webmail from my ISP. I got invalid network setting like 1ns4nity.



FIA WRC 03-16-2004 11:06 PM

It takes about 15 seconds to load a web page on my TH-55. I think some are having slower times because of the WiFi access point they're using. The one at my local coffee shop provides exact specs and I just enter them into the connection settings and give it a name. Some places that offer WiFi might be using old hardware. See if you can get the specs and enter them in. It might help.

Peloquin 03-16-2004 11:45 PM

Has anyone had a situation where the Clié would simply lock up (freeze up) while trying to connect to a WLAN? I was trying to connect to my friends complete unsecured network this afternoon and it would not only fail, but I had to forcibly reset the Clié every time it did it.

I'm also having problems at home where it will see the signal, recognize that it's there, but not connect to it. Again, for testing, I completely disabled all security and it's just not getting connected (though I suspect this may be a router problem, but what if the Clié made the router go wonky).

This stuff worked fantastic on Sunday, so so on Monday and today I've not been able to connect once. It's very frustrating, like a carrot on a stick.

pacer 03-16-2004 11:51 PM

Now that I think of it, I've had the one problem but i didnt investigate, playing Pocket Tunes shoutcast stream and then loading up a web page seem to freeze up the wifi. I think loading up another fixed it.

So far I've been doing very limited browsing, pocket tunes streaming and hot syncing wireless.

Using a Netgear WG602AU (from memory) point


1ns4nity 03-17-2004 12:24 AM

So not everyone is getting the error message? This is way strange....it might have to do with which model they are using (like which country's model). I bought mine from Singapore and I constantly get the error message :( It doesnt seem to be a problem with the AP / home network because I tried using it at a public AP and I still get the same error message.

Will the jap wi-fi update screw up the clie?

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