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DanT 02-17-2003 02:22 PM

WorldMate & Pilot Install Conflict?
I'm wondering if any one, who uses SyncWizard Pilot Install to install apps from PC to Clie RAM via HotSync, has problem with WorldMate file synchronization to update The Weather Channel and Atomic Time?  It happened to me after I use PInstall to install ToDay.prc.  I think it happened before with other app installation using PInstall, so I doubt that ToDay is the culprit.

The WorldMate conduit  - Preferences settings in the HotSync conduit page do not seem to change.  The Enable HotSync actions for WorldMate, Update Palm Time, and Update PC Time were still checked.

The problem was solved by reinstalling the WorldMate.exe, which automatically installed WolrdMate.prc to Clie RAM (in the next HotSync) using the default Palm Desktop Install, instead of PInstall.

PInstall is nice for installing apps from PC to Clie RAM w/o full blown HotSync.  However, if this install program disrupts WorldMate syncing operation, I rather do w/o it and spare few more minutes to do a full HotSync for each time I install new apps to Clie RAM.

Other problems that I notice with PInstall are:

1.  The new installed app would not be automatically backed up to PC, so if I do a hardreset and restore my Clie RAM via HotSync, the new apps are not restored.

2.  If I want to install apps or database to MS, it is much slower than MSImport.  It is no better than the default Palm Desktop install.   

n2ifp 02-17-2003 10:05 PM

I have no problem with any conflict between Worldmate and Pinstall to RAM or otherwise. True when you just sync with Pinstall, nothing else gets updated. Most of my apps are installed to the MS. HotSyncing with the Palm desktop doesn't do much. For me, the Palm Desktop hasn't been reliable for backups, as in the past it had been easily contaminated and was useless for a restoral.

I thought I would present a little different viewpoint. What works for you, may not work for me;).

DanT 02-17-2003 11:26 PM

Hmm, I'm the lone ranger?

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