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Hedge 03-29-2009 05:47 PM

MedicineNet Pocket Guide to Medications
MedicineNet Pocket Guide to Medications


The MedicineNet's Pocket Guide to Common Medications gives quick and convenient access to important information on common medications to mobile users.

Each monograph is written in lay yet informational language to provide helpful insights for patients taking medications. Combined with the hand-made selection of medications, its compact size, ease of use and affordable price this results in a must-have product for wide range of users, from patients to parents to even students.

The Guide is a doctor-produced informational database of 400+ monographs covering over 1,000 generic and branded names of the most popular U.S. medications.
With just a few taps on the screen of a PDA, users can perform keyword searches to quickly view drug information written and edited by MedicineNet's pharmacists and physicians. Topics covered in each drug monograph include:

# Generic name
# Brand name
# Drug class and mechanism
# Preparations
# Storage
# Prescribed for
# Dosing
# Drug interactions
# Pregnancy and nursing mothers
# Side effect

Owners of the Pro version (or owners of BDicty Dictionary Reader Pro) will also enjoy the ability to annotate and extend the dictionary database according to their own needs.

The full application requires at least 700 kB of free memory in order to operate normally. It provides complete support for expansion cards (CF, SD, MMC), meaning that parts or the whole application can be installed on and operate normally from an expansion card.

Generally, the drug reference guide is available on any platform that BDicty Dictionary Reader supports and the general product requirements are the ones that BDicty Dictionary presents.

Package contents
The product is brought to you in joined effort between MedicineNet and Beiks, two leading companies in the fields of medical reference content and mobile reference applications respectively.

It consists of two parts: the MedicineNet's Common Medications database itself and Beiks' BDicty dictionary application, a common platform for mobile reference content.
Each of those two components can be available separately and/or updated separately over the life of the product and you may want to periodically check for upgrades with the vendor of your choice.

Trial, Single and Bundle versions
The trial version of this product comes with a trimmed down version of the Pocket Drug guide powered by the light version of BDicty Dictionary Pro. This version is mostly mean to provide the users with real-life experience of what the full product would feel like.

The full Medications Guide reference is available in two forms: as a standalone reference title for BDicty Dictionary Reader or in bundle with BDicty Dictionary Reader Pro. The separation is made so that current owners of BDicty Dictionary Reader Pro through other Beiks reference titles do not have to pay its price again.

Alternatively, new users can enjoy the bundle and save in comparison to separately purchasing the reference content and BDicty Dictionary Reader Pro.

Support and troubleshooting
For questions with technical problems installing or using the applications please consult with BDicty's User Manual, which is part of the downloadable trial and full versions first. The document is in the industry-standard Adobe PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order be opened. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from www.adobe.com.

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