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01-19-2003, 07:51 AM
Since higher capacity memory sticks will all be Magic Gate, I am trying to learn more about the practical implications of this encryption technology.

Is the only difference with Magic Gate memory sticks that they will accept ATRAC3 recordings while ordinary memory sticks will not?

Are there any additional limitations with SONY ATRAC3 software? I remember seeing here (before the big crash) something about SONY software limiting the number of ATRAC3 recordings that can be made of copyrighted music onto Magic Gate memory sticks. Something like you can only have maybe 2 (or 3?) copies of a song from one of your CDs. So, if you had a copy on a couple of different memory sticks or devices, you may have to delete the song from your desktop or laptop. Is this true?

Also, does anyone know of other plans by SONY to use their Magic Gate encryption technology to further protect content owned by SONY recording and content divisions?

I have to admit that I am wary of SONY's proprietary technologies. Their recent misleading denials of C|Net's coverage of Memory Stick development and their general failure to abide by their promises regarding memory stick compatibility have shaken my trust in SONY.

Remember this statement that SONY made regularly:

"As Memory Stick media capacities continue to increase in the next century, Memory Stick's original serial protocol will ensure compatibility among current products and media, and the products and media of the future." --SONY, Oct 10-12, 2002

Thanks, robrecht

01-19-2003, 12:17 PM
From what I understand,as I too am wary of the whole MG thing, you can store other data, such as MP3s and movies, on the MG Memory Sticks, as well as the ATRAC format. So, from my understanding, you can put MP3s and anything else you want to on a MG stick and still listen to MP3s in Audio Player, the only difference is the ATRAC support.