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09-15-2003, 10:03 AM
Why was the UX50 Design Flaw thread closed!

Is that what happens when the discussion gets interesting? Shut down the thread because the registered UX50 owners can't handle a debate regarding their new toy?

I think what bothers you all so much is that the unregistered posters often hit a nerve of truth. It bothers you that others might not consider the UX a perfect device (far from it - its shortcomings are numerous). I for one had posted my opnion previously only to be shouted down and attacked by the likes of registered zealous users like anthonymoody, sonicboy, MikeD, LarryB, samfisher, Hakaida and others.

Keep at it "Unregistered" users and other registered users who are brace enough to share their thoughts like HotRod, AtomicChicken, ExtremeSIMS and others.

09-15-2003, 10:39 AM
I couldn't agree more! Looks like most of the 'senior' members here don't appreciate a healthy and open forum. They even moved the 'Cliesource or Closedsource' thread - and it wasn't even syaing anything bad about this forum. It was pushing for tolerance from senior members that a forum is a valuable source of information - if it was allowed to be.

09-15-2003, 11:53 AM
It was closed because it was getting out of hand

09-15-2003, 12:09 PM
i remember seeing the threads a couple of days ago, but I don't remember if it was getting out of hand or not, either way that's what makes forums a good place for discussion. However, I do think that calling a device flaw the fact that the device works in landscape doesn't make any more sense than saying that all the portrait devices out there are flawed because they can't switch to landscape.

Like many of you, i've tried a LOT of PDAs. I've had everything from the first WindowCE devices all the way to the current ipaq h5555 series, tungsten c, NZ90 and now UX50. I am also the developer for an application that allows the use of landscape mode on the 5400 series ipaq(GoLandscape), and you know what? I have hundreds, probably thousands of customers worldwide, and the list grows every day. So, does that mean that the iPaq 5400 is flawed?

In my opinion, no. I think it's a matter of taste. But, personally i think, that since we read from left to right, and we have two eyes oriented horizontally, landscape makes more sense for just about everything, specially when using a small screen. Tell me, then, why are theater screens wide? Why are TV screens migrating from the squarish 4:3 to 16:9? Have you seen a portrait screen on any other computer or television? Why should PDA's be the first? Doesn't make sense to me. These are facts, and this is my opinion based on them.

I think it should be up to the user. And Sony has followed this concept, by making Clie devices for just about any style you can think of. If you don't like landscape, instead of criticizing the UX50, why not praise any of the other clies which ALL use portrait? To me, this is a GOOD thing that they dedicated ONE PDA of their lot to users who prefer landscape. Why would anyone criticize this move towards a more varied line? that's just counterproductive.


09-15-2003, 01:06 PM
Well said Juan. And the answer to your question (instead of criticizing the UX50, why not praise any of the other clies?) is probably that if they did, the unregistered posters would not have an outlet for their juvenile sensibilities.


09-15-2003, 06:55 PM
I find it utterly hilarious that whenever an unreg starts a thread to attack someone, one of the mods has the good sense to move it into the Off-topic forum so that whatever anonimious unreg that started his little attack thread can't read it anyway, I also find it funny how they complain about being attacked by members, but they attack right back and are the ones who cower behind the fact that we don't know who they really are (except the mods, but that is a different story.) At least members aren't afraid of what others will think of them. Case in point:


Catch you all later

09-15-2003, 07:31 PM
Sony is the one who is flawed!:D

I gave my reasons why I decided not to purchase the UX50, but it doesn't mean that it is flawed. When I originally said that I liked it, I got a bit of ribbing over it, but I lived... :)

09-15-2003, 07:44 PM
you shouldn't have gotten any ribbing for it. people should stop looking for a fight, it keeps goin back and forth, in major posts unregistereds are ruthless and a nnoying but when i make a personal post twice an unregistered has helped me and gotten me exactly waht i needed........its all screwed up,
hmmm asterisk is right i dont care what yall think about me,

09-15-2003, 07:44 PM
and i also don't think that thread was getting out of hand i was really mad when it was closed i thoguht of posting a new thread but yall did it anyways

09-15-2003, 07:45 PM
some of the mods need to lighten up

09-15-2003, 08:10 PM

09-15-2003, 08:11 PM
lemme guess you're a mod? i hope not cause you're cool

ive seen you post a lot and i agree with you a good amount

09-15-2003, 09:07 PM
IMHO the debate here seems to have centered on these points:

1. Definition of 'design flaw'

2. Dislike of 'Unregistereds'

3. Over-reactive 'mods'

If you read the original post by Hot Rod - he made a personal opinion that it is a design flaw that Sony did not make the screen portrait-viewable. If you look up the dictionary, he is correct in using the noun 'flaw'. It is imperfect, just as we all are.

However, for whatever historical reason some senior members started to attack his choice of words and opinion. In which, a passer-by like me defended his right to free thoughts and expression using an 'Unregistered' handle.

The intolerance of some members then started to attack 'Unregistereds' resorting to calling them names (cowards, faceless, etc) when the hypocrisy of their entire action rests on the fact that we all have a handle here anyway and we do not really know who you really are.

Of course a forum such as this is for the sole purpose of its intended focus - to discuss, talk, exchange, inform and debate about the merits and shortfall of the Clies.

So why go to great lengths (I am asking myself) when it goes off-topic and debate about the debate itself?

I was going to buy a UX-50 but before I was going to put down $600 for something I would like to learn more about it from a source that I can trust - people like you.

But, to discover the fact that some of us are so intolerant of other people's viewpoint to the point that we start to be insulting and dismissive may discourage future personal opinions of a product that this forum will eventually lose its value to people like us. Who loses out? All of us.

The advertisements are always good and I find I cannot trust it anymore. But I trust us, the users of this forum that have the guts to say what is good or bad. If everything about the UX-50 is so fantastic, there is no need for Cliesource. I just read the ads, rush out and get me one.

Don't get me wrong. I am no online vigilante protecting the downtrodden and meek. I am selfish that a forum like this is probably the last place where I can find unbias and pure gut-feel opinions and review; if only people are allowed to.

It may come as a surprise to people like Anthonymoody and Sonicboy here that I value their undying defense for their UX-50. They must love it so much that they have resorted to actions that I am not sure one can so easily say or do in public, unlike a forum. It only tells me that perhaps the UX-50 is great because they are fanatical about it. But, I also want to know what the other side of the spectrum is and they should be allowed to express that without getting bashed.

How unfortunate that some of the moderators of this forum who are suppose to safeguard and increase the value and worth of this forum chose to exercise their right to oppress a lively debate which ironically, feeds Cliesource with all the resources that someone like me and many others the very reason to stop by.

In this day and age where freedom of speech and movement is already so restricted, our last avenue of freedom - thoughts - are also getting policed.

I am not sure how long this post will stay before it gets moved or closed but I hope as sensible moderators of this forum, you will continue to allow the debates to continue because it is after all still about the right to debate about the merits and shortfall of the Clie.

09-15-2003, 09:11 PM
woah dude..........inspiriational speaker right there

09-15-2003, 10:34 PM
Personally I don't really care who's registered and who's not. I use this resource for information and whether you took the time to fill out the form or not, It is up to me, and all of you to attach a certain value to what you read, based on your judgement. Anyone that judges the value of a thread by how pretty your alias is, needs a good thorazine drip.

However, that said, if you use the definition of flaw=not perfect, and that was the intention of the original poster, then I have to reiterate how counterproductive the whole concept was to begin with. So the UX50 isn't perfect.... SO IS EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD. What a waste of bandwidth. Maybe the mods weren't so off in closing the thread


09-15-2003, 11:10 PM
hey anyone know what a thorazine drip is? it isn't covered in the anarchist cookbook.........

09-15-2003, 11:18 PM

Thorazine:A trademark used for Chlorpromazine.

Chlorpromazine:A drug, C17H19CIN2S, derived from Phenothiazine and used to suppress vomiting and as a sedative and a tranquilizer.

Definition 2:A drug used to treat nausea,and certain mental disorders.

Hope this helps.The drip part would be an IV.