View Full Version : Poll : do you have GPS in your device? + little guide

08-11-2008, 10:52 AM
Hi, I'm little new around here, so to get into the business I decided to write something that can be useful and teach something new and on the other hand could get us to know each other a little.W
What I want to talk about is on a little tech call Geo tagging that not everyone familiar with, but for us, can be really helpful and fun.(for people who use GPS device)
Geo tagging is the ability to take an item and mark relate it somewhere on the map.
Its main use today is taking pictures and place them on the google map of where they was shoot.
Like when I look for USA, Orleans, Louisiana in google maps on the left side I can get Geo tagged pictures that show me photos from this place.
the first How use I can show you is with flicker this movie.
the next favorite tool that I'm using mainly because it's free and have option to upload a full route using GPS, *.gpx files is Trekinu.com
here is how Part 1 look for part 2 in the end of the movie:
Demo for a finished presentation: http://www.trekinu.com/viewtrek.aspx?trkid=mquiko5rgn2bbjt

How I use geotagging? well with this technology we can make treks with 4X4, taking photos all the trek come home download gpx file from the GPS upload the photos and make a presentation with our trek and photos to share with friends, site, and more in only few seconds!.
This is the ultimate way to share route not just on the map but also in photos.
I just hope to see one day this capabilities with videos...