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03-01-2008, 04:18 AM
Now that Palm is losing steam, I have decide to investigate PSP more carefully and decided to purchase one. There is the Original PSP (100x) and the newer "slim" model which is named PSP 200(x). If you do a search here at 1src there are some mentioning of the games available. I posted an E-book mention for PSP but I believe no one has mentioned memorystick duo format.

The PSP website gives this format information:
You can also upload from your computer straight to the PSP when you have the correct USB to USBmini adaptor. (I believe the driver is already on the PSP for XP but I don't know if it is there for Vista)

When I get more experience with PSP music files I will write about it later. I did practice with the photos (in JPeg ) Misleadingly the instructions give you the impression that you have to have the JPeg photos in a file entitled PICTURES but with some practice you can have a fast or slow picture slide presentation in either the DCIM or PICTURE folders or both.

I also played with the Wifi option using the built in Access browser. The internet needs to have a MS in the slot to store cookies and other information.

Looking at my MS duo I now see the folder PSP/SYSTEM/BROWSER/
and three files marked historyfdat, historyidat and historyvdat
Obviously the files that I had from the Clie TG-50 didn't conflict when using the same MS duo (with an adaptor). Then again I had put very little programs on this 512mb MS duo and didn't use the internet until I obtained the PSP.

On my blog you can see the television plug in part that is now on the newer model of PSP:

03-01-2008, 11:53 PM
Today is day 2 for owning PSP. I went to this website and it has videos for PSP and IPod.
No registration just click and upload, videos similar to You tube, miscellaneous animation and other topics. They are in MPEG-4 and reads from your Memorystick.

To play it safe I just put in a folder marked VIDEO and transfered the videos to the memory card via card reader (later I will attempt the USB connection)

I don't need no TCMP programs or any converters, no wonder idiots like me will move to PSP or IPods to watch videos...( sad to say clieflicks no longer is around, is there any website for videos straight to Palm devices?)