Fifty Shades Freed is hitting theaters at midnight tonight, and we know lots of fans will be lining up to see the final installment in the franchise.

Jamie Dornan revealed that while he does not go full frontal in the film, he does show his “arse quite a lot.”

In an interview with Elle, Jamie was asked about the rumors that the studio offered Jamie one million dollars to go full frontal.

“It was $30 million–to show one testicle. [Laughs] No, that whole thing with offering more money to go nude? That didn’t happen,” Jamie said. “I don’t know if I said I wouldn’t. You see my arse quite a lot. That doesn’t really bother me. You see a lot of Dakota‘s tits. I would show my tits if I had them. I just thought, We don’t need to be flashing the rest if it’s not essential to the story. We’re not making porn as much as people think we are.”

Fifty Shades Freed hits theaters on Friday.


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