Rachel Bloom flashes a smile alongside co-star David Hull and co-creator Aline Brosh MKenna backstage at their Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: 100th Song Celebration Sing-a-Long event held during the 2017 Vulture Festival LA presented by AT&T at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Sunday (November 19) in Hollywood.

The 30-year-old Golden Globe-winning actress was also joined by co-stars Vella Lovell, Gabrielle Ruiz, Scott Michael Foster, Jack Dolgen, Donna Lynne Champlin, Peter Gardner and Vincent Rodriguez III.

“Earnestness is scary to me sometimes in writing because it runs the risk of being cheesy, and also you’re really baring your soul without hiding it with snarkiness. It feels very exposed,” Rachel expressed about the most recent episode (via Vulture). “‘Diagnosis‘ is pretty earnest. I mean, it’s still funny and you’re getting in her headspace, which is specific, but because you run the risk of it being cheesy, it’s still scary for me. It comes from a place of truth and that feels great for me.”

“I’m the biggest musical-theater fan of the people who write songs on this show,” Rachel continued. “I rely on the other people around me to be like, ‘This is cheeseballs.’ The fact that Aline doesn’t think it’s cheeseballs and Adam didn’t think it’s cheeseballs and Jack doesn’t think it’s cheeseballs is good.”


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